Good Design is the Foundation of a Successful Project.



Andrew Weeks, our Landscape Designer, can design a master plan for the optimal development of your landscaping. Andrew is a graduate of Mississippi State University and holds a degree in Landscape Architecture.


Functionality, Seasonal changes, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Natural Climate, Erosion Control, Terrain; these are all aspects that must be taken into consideration for a good landscape to succeed. New South Landscaping understands these aspects.  

Your property should be as resourceful in it's life as every other aspect of your home. When we come to you, we will have a plan for every season, your individual property's natural climate, terrain and features. Lose yourself in your own backyard all year long and create stunning curb appeal.

The biggest mistake most homeowners make is beginning their landscaping without a plan. This leads to disappointing results when the plants and features they add come into difficulty with what they had imagined. We work with a plan. We team up with one of the best designers in North Raleigh, Cary,  Wake Forest and the Triangle in order to produce the best possible solution to every challenge.

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